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It never occurred to me to put the family book onto the web.   Our thanks go to Ian for not only realising the potential of the web, but for making the time and effort to set up the web site.   Thank you, Ian.


Where did our family originally come from;  from whence did we hail ?, all those centuries ago maybe, or only yesterday in historical terms, from which vague source did our surname derive from?  Who knows?


Did our predecessors mirror the versatility of the current generation? World-wide have we ventured;   the Americas, the antipodes even.  To be found in commerce, the arts and public service; pillars of the establishment.   Do we mirror our forebears, who knows?


Maybe once upon a time, one of our forebears was a Norman knight; or maybe a prancing, jousting titled horseman in the middle ages who had been engaged in wars at home and abroad; instrumental in forming our country as we see it today;  one of the landowners called upon by the monarch to defend the kingdom in times of strife or peril.  Who knows?




More likely, the early Ridgers were serfs, bowed of back and coarse of hand.   Destined to serve their lord and master day in and day out, tilling the land;  or servants to the landowner;  or builders maybe.  the serf who ridged the house, hut or even the castle, perhaps?   Maybe, generations ago the family lived abreast a hill....the Ridge-ers.  Who knows?


Whilst none of the these questions can be answered at the present, the answers are  a little closer now than when my research commenced back in 1975.   Lifting the veil of history back to 1801 disclosed we were certainly of humble stock, peasant folk, no aristocracy there.   On the magic carpet of time travel to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries is found the surname applying to one who lived at or near the "ridge", stemming from the old English "hrycg", meaning a "ridge",  coupled with the suffix "-er".  Is this where we came  from? Who knows?


Perhaps you know?   Have you travelled the magic carpet of time and are able to add to our short history?  Please contact this site if you have any further information.


Colin  & Heather Ridgers 


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