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The purpose of this web site is to be a beacon across the internet for anybody interested in establishing links with the Ridgers family originating from Hampshire/Berkshire in the 19th century. Yateley and Sandhurst seem to be a centre from which many family branches stream across time and space. We have knowledge of local, and related, Ridgers families in Ascot & Sandhurst. Further away, we are in Plymouth, Twickenham, Brighton and (probably) Bognor Regis. And now we have news of relatives in Australia to,  all have genetic links back to humble farm labourer and his wife (3 actually) living in Yateley.   Others in Fareham we have not yet linked up to, but it's only a matter of time.  

Welcome to our home page!

The inspiration for this site is was research conducted by cousin Colin and his long suffering wife Heather. We (the rest of the family) benefited from ALL their hard work with our own personal copy of   The Book ~ A History of the Ridgers Family ~’ published by Colin and Heather in 1987. Colin has consented to me ‘scanning’ the book and putting it up on the Web.

The Ridgers of Oz. 

We have established a link Australia. Please follow the link opposite. There are elements of intrigue and deceit in this Rapley m. Ridgers family adventure. Who was who's brother or son?









Colin and Heather’s “Book”

I have scanned in the pages relating to 1801 to present day and they are available on this web site. There is a lot more in the book to do, pictures birth & marriage certificates. I will get round to it but it’s a time thing!


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